Candle Bundle 7

Candle Bundle 7

Pillar candle bundle to suit every room.

Candles Included



Please message us to let us know the colours you would like for each candle. The colour options are:


If you would like different fragrances for each candle please leave the fragrance you would like in messages.

This candle is handmade and poured with love in Sydney and is made with a blend of environmentally friendly and ethically sourced palm and soy wax.

If you wish to burn your candle, please ensure it is done in a dish to protect the surface which it is being burnt on.

As these products are handmade, if there is a custom order you wish to make (e.g. colour and scent), please contact the shop and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

Please note that these candles are handmade and may result in some variation and colour. Returns are not accepted.

We hope you enjoy our candles!